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Prevention Education

The Center’s prevention workshops are available in English and Spanish to students in kindergarten through 12th grade, as well as to parents, professionals, college students, and other community members. We are proud to work closely with local law enforcement and medical professionals to ensure that they have the training required to effectively handle cases involving sexual assault. We believe that the best way to address sexual violence is to educate and engage the entire community.

The Center’s prevention education programs are designed raise awareness about sexual violence, signs of perpetrator behavior, and symptoms of trauma. Most importantly, we provide individuals with the tools necessary to know what to do if they or someone they know have been affected by this crime.


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“Highly professional, accommodating, and collaborative. We are very fortunate to have this important resource!”
– Lavi Ben-Zvi, Darien Public Schools

“The workshops that The Center provides are essential to the social and emotional health of our students and integral to their safety.”
– Jennifer Williams-Argenio, School Social Worker, Rogers International School (Stamford)

“The Center is an amazing organization that meets such critical needs and we are excited about partnering with them.”
– Carol Smith-Harker, Norwalk Community College

“The Center is an amazing resource for children, staff, and parents.”
– Caitlin Reichi, School Psychologist, Greenwich Public Schools